Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Different Perspective

This is it, folks. My first post in English. It is a small one but nevertheless concerns something that really grabbed me and transformed an ordinary evening into a serene and - in a certain way - magical moment. As a matter of fact, I promptly overslept on the following day. ^_^

Kudos go to Liam Kerrington for pointing me to it (and for being a reader of this blog, of course)! These pictures, taken from the ISS space station approximately 350 kms above earth, have been recorded as time exposure fotographs and then arranged in time-lapse succession, giving a movie-like impression. I know this has nothing much to do with roleplaying. But although this is a video made from very real sources it certainly is phantastic in a very surreal sort of way. And it helps to put a lot of things into place and to make oneself wonder about what mankind has achieved, where we have failed - and what else lies in store for us. Where will we "boldly go" in our time? Maybe it is time to dust off that long forgotten science-fiction roleplaying game and get together to explore your version of the future.

But quite literally looking down on our planet in this way fills me with one thought, or better yet: one emotion above all: sheer beauty. Enjoy and have a good night. Oh, by the way - I recommend watching this in HD and full screen.

And for those who cannot get enough of this: here is another video with more images from the ISS running over half an hour.


  1. Cool!

    If you will post in English more often, maybe you want to join ? If so, sent me a mail at jan (at)

  2. I shall consider your offer - and consider it well. Thanks!

  3. Anytime, my dear friend, anytime. And I appreciate you turning towards the English language as well. Looking forward to what you have to share for the international rpg-friends and -fands ...